Article: Swing Into A Mazatlan Golfing Paradise

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Road House Bar & Grill

Highlands Golf Course

This a little promo video we did of Highlands Golf Course in Post Falls, Idaho

Thanksgiving on Stone Island 11-26-2015

So many things to be grateful this year, as is the case every year, but even though I’m in a country that doesn’t recognize this American holiday, I’m not the only American here on the island. There are a whole group of wonderful people here that celebrate the holiday. Some are visitors like me and many who have traded in their residency in the US for life on the island. If you ever visit, their motives will become quite clear, and you may ponder what your life might be like with such a move.
So this year I’m not only grateful for the awesome family and friends home in the sates and elsewhere, but also for the island and the people who draw me back here each year since my first visit 3 years ago. Thank-you all for opening your door and allowing me to be part of your little piece of paradise. I am truly Grateful.

This is a little video of the Thanksgiving celebrationa and fiesta that took place atop Dr. John’s beach house with a remarkable vantage point to enjoy a feast and good company.

Isla De La Piedra- Mazatlan

Stone Island and Port of Mazatlan Via Drone

Here are a few more shots of Stone Island and the Port of Mazatalan. I was a bit higher up and back off the beach a little more. I’ve got some projects lined up here that I’ll be sharing as the weeks go by. And believe me, they are going by fast !! Seize the Day

Liberty Lake Washington

Liberty Lake 9-7-15 from Jed Vaughn on Vimeo.

This is a short video that begins with a 360 pan of the area and moves towards hole 3 at Meadow wood golf course in Liberty lake, Washington. I used the Phantom 3 to glide towards the green, then climb at the fountain to capture the awesome beauty of Liberty Lake facing south. Mica peak is the mountain behind it known for large deposits of "Mica". A metallic mineral that looks like silver and is found in thin flat pieces, often stuck to rocks.

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