Restaurante Cerros Los Chivos

Small Island Dining at “Restaurante Cerros Los Chivos”
You absolutely must join me for an irresistible meal and afternoon at Restaurante Cerros Los Chivos. You’ll be happy as a Mexican goat eating when you visit my favorite place to feast on Pescado Zarandeavo (breaded fish fresh from the sea). I guarantee you’ll enjoy this amazing lightly breaded flakey whitefish meal with frijoles, rice, and fresh local organic fruit. Or you may prefer some perfectly grilled chicken, or a delightful shrimp diablo? All specialties of “Rocio”, the talented local native chef who owns the establishment. After savoring some of the best traditional Mexican cuisine this side of the Sierras, relax to a nice easy going afternoon at the beach with plenty of sun, plenty of shade and plenty of local hospitality awaiting!
Thomas O. says this: “I’m so glad I chose Restaurante Cerros Los Chivos to have lunch with my friends that afternoon…. It has the most relaxing little beach, great scenery, and Rocio is a superb cook! I really enjoyed the experience. ”
Just in front of Restaurant Cerros Los Chivos is the inviting small island beach that faces Isla de la Piedra (stone island) near Mazatlán. After your meal take a two minute walk from the shady restaurant palapas and discover an incredible ocean view…… practically all to yourself. Hike a little further on for a panoramic landscape that includes all of Mazatlán to the west while El Faro lighthouse also draws the eye as it’s overlooking the Port entry. And… sure to keep an eye out for those long bearded curly horned Mexican goats!
Mary C. says this: “My afternoon at Chivos Island was unforgettable….. my taste buds were screaming “YES!” Mary continues with ……” I highly recommend making the short trek across to Goat Island when in Mazatlán. There are a lot of choices available for lunch in this beautiful area of Mexico and we definitely chose a great one that day!”
It couldn’t be easier to get to from the Port of Mazatlán. Just step onto a small ponga boat at the embarcadero Playa Sur. A short and pleasant little ride takes you across the narrow port channel to Restaurate Cerros Los Chivos and it’s right there on the ocean! Private beach, great hiking, maybe a massage after a couple margarita’s or chilled cervezas . …. and yes….HAPPY GOATS from which the island got its name. When you’re here, it’s hard not to be happy!
So please come enjoy a special afternoon of small island dining at “Restaurante Cerro Los Chivos” on Chivos Island for really great food. You’ll be so glad you did and…..happy as a goat!
Your friends,
Dallas & Rocio