Flying South to Brisas De Osa

“FLYING SOUTH” to Brisas de Osa
Dear Reader,
Imagine spending your typically cold and icy winter somewhere else…… like paradise…. at your winter home in Costa Rica. Beautiful beaches, lush jungles, friendly people and a cost of living that slaughters the US not only in price, but quality too. Here’s a few reasons to consider the possibility.
10 legitimate excuses to head on down to Costa Rica during the winter. Land ownership is optional but if you’re leaning that way… might want to hurry! (link)
10. There’s no goose poop or snow to shovel.
9. You won’t have to or de-ice any of your stuff.
8. Warm weather is healthy for your bones and physiology.
7. Osa National Park in Costa Rica is breathtaking and it’s yours to enjoy in this Ocean view Community.
6. Chocolate actually grows nearby!
5. Options available to invest in a home are awesome right now.
4. There is no military or militarily strategic advantage in Costa Rica.
3. It’s way more fun than staring out a window into a gray abyss.
2. The cost of living is “across the board” way cheaper than up north.
And the #1 reason is………
1) The Costa Ricans (“Tico’s) are the HAPPIEST PEOPLE ON EARTH !!! (link)

Really friends ….. I could go on with many more reasons…. this is such an incredible opportunity whereby you can relish in this list year after year…. and hold an asset that is sure to climb in value over time, while at the same time giving you a little piece of paradise to escape to at your whim.
Simply register here for your 100% free information packet and updates on emerging opportunities. You’ll be on your way. Knowledge is power and now you have it.
2 more lots have just become available in this beautiful ocean view community in Brias de Osa Costa Rica. But you must act right away if you want a shot at securing one of these deeply discounted lots priced for a year end sale.
Simply fill out the email request form below for a virtual tour at no cost or obligation and TAKE A LOOK ………… you’ll be nothing short of amazed and glad you at least furthered your retirement education about an incredible Costa Rican option for your winter life.
Your Friend,
Jed Vaughn