Billings Montana

DSCN2565poster thBillings, Montana is a treasure trove of historical interests and American western history. I was amazed at the things to do and see in the immediate vicinity. I will be posting links to 2 of my articles once they are published with NW Travel Magazine.  “Custer’s battlefield” July/ Aug issue and “Best of Billings” in the Sept/Oct issue. I will detail more of my adventure when the links are available, including some interesting pictograph cave details and pic’s

The drive over and back from Eastern Washington is fabulous provided the weather cooperates. Valley after mountain range after valley and more mountain passes, ranges, and an ever changing geological composition make for an interesting road trip. There are also a couple scenic byways if a person has the extra time. One will take you through Anaconda and the edge of Yellowstone National park on the North side.

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