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Back again to the great Northwest

Well the warm days of Mazatlan are in the rear view mirror now and Billings Montana is up next for research on Custer’s Battlefield which I have an assignment with NW Travel magazine to write about.

I’m back in the cold damp and dreary rainy weather in Spokane Valley. It’s not snowing or freezing at least. I’m thankful for that and it feels good to be home with my own bed, the dog, and the family & friends I’ve been missing.

Lancaster Castle

Lancaster Castle in Northwest England is on the radar for the UK trip this summer. I’m hoping to write some articles about the castle, the witches that were tried there, and some relative to the outstanding scenery in the area of Lancashire.

Back to warm weather

Isla sunsets04604520150116_173559018012

It’s great to be back in beautiful WARM Mexico. The more I’m here , the more I appreciate the warmth during the winter.

Mexican Pacific

Mexican Pacific

Preparing for a beautiful sunset that’s on the way.

Dracula’s Church

Dracula's Church

Dracula’s Church

England, Ireland & Scotland

along the Royal Mile

Edinborough along the Royal Mile

Goring on Thames

Goring on Thames

Goring on Thames

Goring on Thames

Journey begins June 10th 2014

Bitcoin !!

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Costa Rican Kitchen


Costa Rican kitchen

Costa Rican kitchen

Beach Hut

Caribbean beach hut

Caribbean beach hut


Chocolate grown locally in Manzanillo, Costa Rica

Chocolate !

Chocolate ! This is some chocolate I purchased roadside near Manzanillo, Costa Rica. This chocolate only grows within 9 degrees of the equator.


Outside the kitchen window is a chocolate tree


Inside the gooey eggs are a piece of cacau inside a shell